Privacy policy

Personal data administrator.

Submitted personal data shall be processed by Unibaltic Shipping Ltd. based in 229, Arch. Makarios III Ave., Meliza Court, 3105 Limassol, Cyprus, registered in the Department of Registrar of Companies under No. HE 276428, VAT No. CY10276428S, tel. +35799876047, email:,, acting as personal data administrator (hereafter referred to as  „Administrator”).

Your  personal data shall be processed according to provisions of the Law N.28(III)/2001 implementing the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to automatic processing of Personal Data and the Law N.30(III)2003 implementing the Additional Protocol to the Convention, the regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Service Law of 2004, N.112(I)/2004 as amended to date and 1997 European Parliament and Council regulation on personal data and free flow of such data as well as repealing directives  95/46/WE (general regulation on data protection) – OJEUL.2016.119.1 dated 4th May 2016 („GDPR”).

Manner of personal data acquisition, type, and purpose of data processing.

The Administrator uses personal data for recruitment purposes, that is, in the process of searching for appropriate candidates to recommend to the Administrator's clients within the scope of employment, human resources and collection services.

The Administrator acquires personal data directly from applicants through the online application process on the Administrator's website.

Submitted personal data is processed by the Administrator:

  1. upon the applicant's approval (Article 6 section 1 letter “a” of the GDPR):
    1. with the purpose of applying for a job via the Administrator's website,
    2. for marketing purposes,
    3. for the purposes of current and future recruitment procedures, including automated data processing,involving defining preferences and preparation of personalized job or other offers, as well as to pass the information on to the Administrator's clients, including companies of the Unibaltic Group, to whom the Administrator renders human resources and employment agency services.
  2. under Article 6 section 1 letter “b” of the GDPR:
    1. fulfilment of contract and related claims handling.
  3. under Article 6 section 1 letter “c” of the GDPR:
    1. to fulfill the Administrator's legal duties, such as tax and recordkeeping obligations,
    2. to ensure that online services are secure (maintenance of online application service on the Administrator's website), including preventing errors.
  4. under Article 6 section 1 letter “f” of the GDPR:
    1. to fulfill the Administrator's legitimate interest by releasing personal image, transferring data to other entities, pursuing claims, business planning, Administrator's website monitoring,
    2. preparation of analysis or statistics for reporting purposes, market research, drawing up proposals for optimization and personalization of the Administrator's website.

Consent for personal data to be processed shall be confirmed by ticking appropriate boxes on the Administrator's website.

Voluntary submission of personal data.

Submission of personal data does not comprise statutory duty, it is voluntary, although it is necessary to effectively apply via the Administrator's website and subsequently conclude and fulfill an agreement. Failure to submit one's personal data shall result in inability to conclude an agreement, or receive employment offers or other information.

Transfer of personal data and acquiring data from third parties.

Personal data may be transferred by The Administrator to:

  1. contractors, including companies of the UNIBALTIC Group which are recipients of employment and human resources services rendered by the Administrator,
  2. entities processing personal data on behalf of the Administrator and participating in administration and maintenance of the Administrator's website,
  3. entities rendering legal, tax and IT services to the Administrator,
  4. entities providing postal or courier services.

Personal data retention period.

Acquired personal data shall by retained for the period necessary to carry out the recruitment process, 6 months from the beginning of the recruitment process/submission of application, and in the case of consent for future recruitment - until the consent is withdrawn.

In the case of subsequent agreements being concluded with the Administrator, personal data shall be retained for the duration of the contract, and in the case of pursuing claims relating to the agreement - until their statute of limitations expires or the termination of relevant proceedings.

Your personal data processed for the purposes of tax and record keeping obligations, shall be retained for the period of 6 years from the date of the implementation of the agreement, and in the case of proceedings before competent public administration or court - for the period of such proceedings.

Personal data processed for marketing purposes shall be retained until appropriate consent is withdrawn.

Automatic decision making and profiling.

Some personal data processed by the Administrator in relation to using the Administrator's website may be processed in an automated way and used for profiling, that is, determining your preferences and preparing employment and other offers to best suit your needs, as well as for the purpose of future recruitment within the scope of employment and human resources services offered by the Administrator to the contractors, including companies of the Unibaltic Group.

You may lodge an objection with the Administrator regarding the use of your personal data for profiling purposes.

Personal data processing rights.

You have the following rights regarding personal data processing:

  • the right to demand access to personal data - including obtaining information about processed data and copy of the data,
  • the right to correct data,
  • the right to delete data processed in an unfounded manner or when the data is not essential for the purposes for which it has been obtained,
  • the right to demand restriction of data processing,
  • the right to transfer personal data to another data Administrator,
  • the right to object to data being processed,
  • the right to withdraw the consent to process personal data when data processing is not necessary to implement the contract, fulfill legal obligation or does not constitute the Administrator’s legitimate interest.
  • The above rights may be exercised by submitting an appropriate statement to the Administrator – personally in the company’s headquarter, by traditional postal service, or by sending an email at:

The Administrator is authorized to authenticate the identity of the person submitting such statement.

The ability to exercise a given right depends on the purpose and legal basis of data processing.

The right to object to data being processed for the purposes of direct marketing constitutes a special right and may be exercised at any time and obliges the Administrator to cease to process data for such purposes.

Moreover, a complaint to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection may be filed in the view of personal data processing breaching legislation.


The Administrator shall implement technical and organizational measures to ensure security of the processed personal data, that correspond to potential threats and category of protected data.




Website Privacy Policy is directed at people who use it, hereafter referred to as the Users. It outlines the scope of data related to personal identification of Users, acquired by the owner of the website and mechanisms used to ensure their privacy (resulting from the regulations of law). Privacy policy also constitutes fulfillment of information obligation towards the person whom the information concerns (the User).

Data acquired by the owner of the website.
  1. user’s IP addresses;
  2. cookies;
  3. information about the User’s internet browser;
  4. data necessary to carry out the recruitment process.
The manner of acquiring the data.

User data may be collected automatically by the server or submitted by Users during the application process.

The manner of data usage.

User data shall be used to administer the website, manage the contents of the website, carry out recruitment process and web analytics. User data shall not be made available to other entities with the exclusion of entities authorized by law.

Making changes to Users’ personal data.

Every User may inform the owner of the website of changes in their personal data in writing, by phone, or email.


Obligation to provide information.
  1. Unibaltic Shipping Ltd., with head office located at 229, Arch. Makarios III Ave., Meliza Court, 3105 Limassol, Cyprus, shall act as Website Users’ Personal Data Administrator;
  2. Users’ personal data shall be processed for purposes outlined in „ Manner of acquiring personal data, type and purpose of data processing” section of Privacy Policy;
  3. Every User has the right to access their data and correct it;
  4. Submitting data by Users’ is voluntary.
Cookies policy.
  1. Cookie files constitute computer data, particularly text files, stored on a user’s device and used to access the pages of the website. Usually, cookies contain the name of the website where they originated, the time of storage on the device and their unique number;
  2. The owner of the website places cookie files on a user’s device and accesses them;
  3. Cookie mechanisms shall neither be used to acquire any information about website users nor to follow their navigation system. Cookies used by the website do not store any personal data or information collected from the Users and serve statistical function;
  4. Default settings of software used to browse webpages (web browser) allow for cookies to be received by a user’s device. In most cases the software may be configured by the User so that cookie files are automatically blocked. Matters relating to cookie files configuration can be found in software (web browser) settings. It is noteworthy, that limiting cookies may influence some of the website functions.
  5. Cookie files are used for:
    • personalizing Website contents to suit Users’ preferences and optimizing web pages’ use – such files allow for a user device to be recognized and display the web page appropriately, in a manner that is customized to suit the User’s individual needs;
    • creating statistics, which help to understand the way in which Website Users use the web pages, which in turn enables improvement of their structure and contents;
    • The Website uses two primary types of cookie files: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, which are stored on a user’s device until they leave the website or turn off the software (web browser). Persistent cookies remain on a user’s device for a set period specified by cookie files’ parameters or until they are deleted by the User.
    • The following cookie files are used by the Website: Performance cookies, which collect data on how web pages of the Website are used; Functionality cookies, which allow „saving” settings chosen by a User and User interface personalization, e.g., language preferences or region, where the User comes from, font size, page layout, etc.
Links to other pages displayed on the Website.

The Website owner wishes to inform that the website may contain links to other web pages. The Website owner is not responsible for privacy policies of those websites and advises Users to familiarize themselves with those policies.


Securing User’s personal data on the Website.

The description of technical and organizational security measures is outlined in the Website Owner’s (Personal data) Security Policy.


Information on changes to privacy policy.

In the case of any changes to the existing privacy policy, appropriate modifications shall be introduced with the actual wording of the Privacy Policy.