Our mission

We provide services at the highest level in accordance with environmental protection regulations, quality and safety. We strive to comply with applicable national and international laws and regulations. In this aspect we are aware of the important role of the proper training of our crews. The qualifications of our crews are successively raised through participation in various types of internal and external trainings. As the statictics shows, accidents on board are caused by human errors in most cases. That is why we pay special attention to this issue – the basis is a well-trained and appropriated crew. With the principal „Safety first” in every aspect of our work – wheathever its people, cargo or the enviroment.
We care about the enviroment. Our ships are designed to be the highest standards of quality and management systems. To protect your products purly and to provent corossion from shipping chemicals we invested in stainless steel tanks. We double checked every cargo and keep an eye on the weather conditions. To be one hundret percent sure that everything is ready to go we outsourced the enviromental audits of our ships.
We strive to be reliability. One of our priority is do what we say. The Company keep high standards to minimize the risk of mistake and failure.
We build trust with our business partners and we are trustworthy. Trust is build on truth. In case of any mistakes, we admit to them, and we do our best to fix them. Every mistake should be treated as a valuable remark for the future.
And last but not least – our business partners. Our experienced team acts fully transparently and always in the best interest of our clients. Customer satisfaction will always be our primary concern. We are flexible in terms of client requirements. How we work, who we are depends on needs of our clients. We are the business partner that you can relay on it. That is why Shell, BP, Statoil, Repsol, Vynova, Bondalti, Azoty Group and many others became our partners.